Day 1 – Heathrow

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Travel

Philosophical thought: to get to the best of places you need to pass through the worst of places. So here I am at Heathrow airport. After crawling through the Friday evening rush hour traffic, I have arrived to be told that the flight is delayed by 2 hours! Let’s hope things get better.

Tonight will be spent at Hotel Quantas, the plan for subsequent nights is:

3 – 6 November        Singapore

7- 10 November        Perth

11-12 November        Alice Springs

13 November        Ayers Rock

14-16 November        Melbourne

17 November        Canberra

18-21 November        Sydney

22-25 November        Cairns

26-27 November        Auckland

28-29 November        Rotorua

30 Nov – 1 Dec        Wellington

2 December        Blenheim

3 December        Christchurch

4 December        Fox Glacier

5- 7 December        Queenstown

8 December        Omarama

9 December        Christchurch

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