Day 5 – Singapore

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Travel

I got up to the good news that WBA won and the sun is shining. Looks as if it could be a good day.
Left the hotel just after 9, for an aimless stroll around the City. At around 11, I found myself at the Singapore Flyer (equivalent of the London Eye). I had been determined not to bother with such an obvious tourist trap, but it was a clear morning, there were no queues and an over-60’s discount was on offer. So round I went. Nothing spectacular, just another view from on high. A couple of hours later, I was having a bite at an indoor mall and another torrential downpour began; there was no question of venturing outside until it eased so I was left pacing several times around a circuit of familiar shops. Wandering around the business district and Chinatown, I got back to the hotel at around 5 and fell asleep, not waking until 10, thereby having to get a sandwich on room service. This is very unfortunate; one of the main reasons for stopping over in Singapore was to recover from jet lag before Australia, but my sleep patterns are now more messed up than on day 2.

singapore02 singapore01 singapore03 singapore08

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