Day 7 – Perth

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Travel

Sadly, internet access is limited, wifi is A$10 Dollars an hour and I’m told that this will be the case throughout Australia. Therefore, updates are likely to become less frequent.
The weather in Perth is just wonderful; sunny and not too hot but most welcome after the last few days is the absence of humidity. The population of Western Australia is concentrated in Perth and surrounding towns, isolated from the rest of this vast island. Therefore, the first question I asked is where is all the traffic on the freeways heading to and from? Everywhere here feels spacious but a tour of the City revealed very little of much interest. Pride of place was given to the WACA cricket ground about which the guide talked at great length, but there were few other buildings buildings with character and the modern architecture was mostly feature-less. We took a trip to the seaside, to Scarborough via Guildford. This Scarborough has a beautiful beach, blue sea and perfect weather, but nothing else; if these assets could be transplanted onto its UK namesake, a World class resort could be created. Everything here is very pleasant but, as yet, there is no wow factor.

perth04 perth03 perth06

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