Day 18 – Sydney

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Travel

We had a 3 hour City tour this morning, the weather was rather cloudy and it rained whilst we were at Bondi Beach most of the group is going on a Harbour cruise this afternoon, but I have splintered off with one other person who is currently doing the guided tour of the Opera House (which I have done before) where I am sitting to write this. Internet availability is getting worse, there is no wifi at all in the hotel here. The plan is that we will take the ferry to Manly, which will give us our Harbour cruise, have a meal there and return after dark, giving us the chance to see the Harbour by night.
The plan worked out but, unfortunately, whilst the weather remained clement in Sydney throughout, it was freezing, there was a gale blowing and it pored in Manly, omly 30 minues away.


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