The Trial part 2*** (Rose Lipman Centre Hoxton, 20 April 2013)

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Theatre

Back to Hoxton to continue on from last Saturday. The organisation of this event has been shambolic, with nothing having been known about part 2 when part 1 ended and only a couple of days notice having been given for us to return for our trial. Therefore, no apologies are offered for the derision poured on last Saturday’s proceedings, even though completion allows the whole of the event to be seen in a different light. On this occasion, we believe we are to face trial for an unspecified offence, but arrive to be told that we have already been found guilty of future crimes by “The Machine” (a favourite Kafka-ism obviously) and face cleansing (ie execution). The Machine in this case is an advanced computer, able to predict future events with total accuracy and, as an add-on, it also carries out the cleansing. On a purpose built set, we are led individually through inter-connecting rooms to meet interrogators and confessors before arriving to watch through a two way mirror as The Machine carries out its work. The interactive meetings are inevitably tongue-in-cheek, but the cleansing is quite stark and harrowing. Part 2 turns out to be an altogether more satisfying experience than part 1.

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