Blavetsky’s Tower** (Baron’s Court Theatre, 19 May 2013)

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Theatre

Moira Buffini’s very black comedy takes place in the 50th floor flat occupied by the architect of the block, now blind and dying, his son and two daughters; only one of the four ever ventures outside and the action begins when she brings back a doctor whom she has met at the foot of the building. Slightly surreal and embracing elements of mysticism, the play begins promisingly as a sharp and perceptive satire on modern urban lifestyles. Sadly, it gradually loses focus and purpose, as the underlying messages become muddled, and eventually it stumbles to a conclusion that is contrived and unconvincing. The five strong cast in this cramped production all do well, creating an edgy and unpredictable feel that holds the interest even when the text is failing to do so. They deserve applause; the only thing wrong with the evening is the play.

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