Travels With My Aunt*** (Menier Chocolate Factory, 24 May 2013)

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Theatre

Graham Greene’s story of Henry Pulling, a timid, retired banker and his adventures around Europe and South America pursuing his outrageous Aunt Augusta is adapted here with the twist that three actors (Jonathan Hyde, David Bamber and Iain Mitchell) alternate playing Pulling and also play most of the other parts, including the women. They are assisted by Gregory Gudgeon. At first, this is great fun, but, as the story becomes ever more far-fetched, the novelty wears very thin and the production cries out for Maggie Smith to walk on as Augusta (she is now near the right age, having been 40 years too young when she played the part in the disappointing film version). It is set in the 1950’s but has the feel of being much earlier, exhibiting all the values of traditional Englishness. Not outstanding, but, for the most part, pleasant, nostalgic entertainment.

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