The Book of Mormon**** (Prince of Wales Theatre)

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Theatre

photo-105Bucketsful of money have been splashed out on this new musical, which is reflected partly on the stage and partly all over the London Underground, as it is is surely the most aggressively promoted West End Show in living memory. Already a massive Broadway hit, it tells of a group of Mormon missionaries in Uganda and does so with excesses of profane and irreverent humour, covering every taboo subject imaginable and even making light of the plight of poverty-stricken Africa. That no-one seems to take offence (not even Mormons) is little short of a miracle, but this may be due to the fact that the show as a whole has the charm and innocence of a Christmas pantomime. The biggest problem is the sameness of the tunes, but the lyrics are sparklingly witty, the performances are spot-on and each half includes one dazzling song and dance routine that is out of Broadway’s top drawer. Occasionally during the first half, the vulgar jokes become repetitive and the show flags, but the second half is an uninterrupted pleasure, carried through by the sheer exuberance of the brilliant cast. It may not live in the memory too long but this is an occasion to enjoy the moment and remember that, after all, tomorrow is a latter day.

Performance date: 4 July 2013

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