After the Beginning, Before the End**** (Battersea Arts Centre, 25 July 2013)

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Theatre

Daniel Kitson’s latest one-man show is partly stand-up (well sit-down to be precise) comedy and partly philosophical lecture.  A strange hybrid of Mr Everyman and Oxford Professor, Kitson’s genius lies in his ability to make astute observations that resonate on a personal level with each individual member of an audience that is drawn from all age groups, both genders, all sorts of backgrounds and lifestyles. Many of his observations are hilarious, others are profound; some of the humour is shallow, whilst some of the analysis goes so deep that it cannot be appreciated fully from being heard just once. What matters is the mix and that it all holds together, which this show definitely does. To quibble, the background music is very irritating and over 100 minutes is very long for a one-man show watched from BAC’s very uncomfortable seating. But Kitson is unique, a one-off and it is easy to understand why tickets for his shows are so difficult to come by.

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