Solomon & Marion**** (Assembly Hall Edinburgh, 16 August 2013)

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Theatre

photo-120Set in a remote farm house in South Africa, the central theme of this 70 minute play is said by its writer, Lara Foot, to be isolation. Marion is white, ageing, unwell and, since the departures of all members of her family, completely alone and waiting for death to come knocking on the door. Instead Solomon, the 20 year-old black grandson of a former home help, arrives and the play charts the development of a relationship between the two. No this is not “Driving Miss Daisy” minus car, it is a completely original drama that deftly dodges all the usual cliches. Whilst there are obvious parallels with racial tensions and reconciliation in post-Apartheid South Africa, the writer wisely does not get distracted by wider themes and concentrates only on the central human story. The production is blessed with towering performances from Janet Suzman and Khayaletha Anthony which tear at the heart. If this is not as good as one act plays can get, it comes pretty close.

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