Theatre Bloggers United

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Theatre

S1250041The idea that any two theatre critics could agree entirely about anything sounds fairly unlikely, but there was unanimity amongst the 30 or so bloggers present at Central and Co (adjacent to the stage door of the London Palladium) on 2nd June – all concurred that this was a splendid evening. Generous tastings of Martin Miller’s Gin, neat, with tonic and in cocktails, enlivened the discussions, which centred on the theme that united everyone – London’s brilliant (mostly) theatre. It is now 30 years since professional critics disgraced themselves with their condemnation of Les Miserables and, to their shock, found that the public completely ignored them. For those of them still surviving, a walk along Shaftesbury Avenue continues to remind them that they no longer have the power to close shows or guarantee long runs. There is still a place for professional critics, but nowadays, thanks largely to the growth of the internet, theatre criticism has become much more democratic, with ordinary theatregoers being able to express their appreciation or disapproval of productions and find a wide readership. We bloggers have the simple aim of adding our views to discussions about shows and, in so doing, hopefully increasing the enjoyment that others get from a theatre experience, whether or not they agree with us. Enormous thanks for organising this event go to Rebecca Felgate of Official Theatre – . Many intriguing possibilities for future collaborations were discussed and even ideas for creating shows were floated. Rebecca, a musical based on the World War I exploits of a gay cannibal who glows in the dark sounds inspired. Believe and it could happen.

Other bloggers in the photo include, from the left: Ian Foster (London Editor of The Public Reviews), Jessica of The Theatre Tourist and Christopher Hong.

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