The Kilburn Passion**** (Tricycle Theatre)

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Theatre

articleimage-Kilburn-PassionKilburn, passion – an oxymoron? Well not as seen in Suhayla El-Bushra’s play, back here for a second run and performed by the company of eighteen 19-25 year olds who inspired it. This is a vibrant and colourful celebration of everyday life in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-everything, modern day London NW6. Told in short, mostly comedic sketches, the play introduces us to a collection of identifiable characters, all beautifully played, as they cope with the trials and tribulations of existing in an urban pressure cooker. Laughs are plentiful, but we are always aware of tensions bubbling beneath the surface – racism, homophobia, marital strains, drug addiction, isolation and many more themes appear, but are tackled skilfully with the lightest of touches.  The raw energy of the company is enough to steamroller the cruder elements of Emily Lim’s production, which flows from one short scene to another seamlessly. It all leads to (mostly) happy endings and, in true Passion Play style, the emergence of the unlikeliest Saviour. An entertaining and uplifting 80 minutes.

Performance date: 5 August 2014

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