Marry Me a Little*** (St James Theatre Studio)

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Theatre

marry me a littleA musical made up of Stephen Sondheim songs, but not a Sondheim musical. Craig Lucas and Norman Rene have devised this lightweight hour long confection, performed here in a cabaret setting, by taking songs written for a wide range of shows to tell a simple story of two New Yorkers, known just as “Man” and “Woman”.  Beginning as singles, they date over pizza and diet Coke, move in together, unpack the cds, contemplate something serious, re-pack the cds and part. There is no spoken dialogue and the song which gives this show its title is easily the best known; interestingly, it was once cut from Company and later reinstated. Many of the other songs have also fallen onto the cutting room floor at some stage and others come from obscure early works. Bang, a raunchy number, sung here when a date goes extremely well, was cut from A Little Night Music. When the couple enjoy a round of golf together, they chant Pour  Le Sport (“I got a birdie, I wasn’t trying…..never occurred to me the bird was flying so low”), from a never-produced show. Simon Bailey and Laura Pitt-Pulford are likeable performers who carry the show well. A mellow and undemanding entertainment.

Performance date: 8 August 2014

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