Day 36 – Queenstown

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Travel

Just as yesterday, we rose early to find it raining, but this time we were given the all clear to leave for Milford Sound. As the crow flies, it is only a short distance from Queenstown, but the crow can fly over the intervening mountain range, whilst the road around it takes almost four hours to drive. After an hour or so, the rain eased and the clouds started to break, giving us near perfect weather for the cruise through the Sound (technically a fiord, similar to the Norwegian ones but spelled slightly differently) as far as the Tasman Sea. More sedate than yesterday, but glorious to behold! We got back to the hotel just before 8.00pm.

mh26 mh25 mh24 mh23 mh22 mh21 mh20 mh19 mh17 mh16 mh15 mh14 mh13 mh12 mh15 mh10 mh09 mh08 mh07 mh06 mh05 mh04 mh03 mh02 mh01

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