Day 37 – Queenstown/Omarara

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Travel

We departed at a civilised hour and very soon made a 90 minute stop in Arrowtown, a pretty little town full of upmarket shops, exactly the sort of place I didn’t need to be let loose in with a credit card on my Birthday. Anyway, I treated myself to two possum/merino jumpers, nice mementos of New Zealand. Then onto the World’s first bunji jump site; apparently Stephen Fry jumped here recently, but I wasn’t tempted. After a couple more unmemorable stops, we arrived in the early afternoon in Omarama, a one horse town where there is absolutely nothing to see or do, so I’ve got no idea why we are here. I’m having a celebratory dinner and Champagne this evening with four nice people. After that, I think I want to go home.

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